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Wellcome to SVBIT

Why we decided to start SPANDAN ?

We feel that on behalf of a part of the SVBIT college, there should be a medium to get to know the view of each other and the healthy and effective communication between faculties and students. For this purpose we are starting "SPANDAN– The Resonance Continues…" through which the students and faculties can share their knowledge, ideas, and thoughts with all. It can be a good platform for the motivation of the creativity in the students. It will be helpful for the positive push of creativity which has been died or has been remained unawakened till yet under the load of studies. It will make the students active in their free time and engage the students in nurturing their creativity and intelligence in their future career and it will be a good use of the free time for the students to do some leisure work and to help their knowledge level to increase. So we decided to start "SPANDAN".